Group Healing November 9th, 2016

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My inspiration today for the group healing came from work I did with my son last night, the day after the elections in the US.  We went into our solar plexus and stomach area and what was there were walls, the materials in the walls was bricks and behind that, wood.  Energetically the walls broke with intention, love and bricks 200C and wood 30C.  After the healing the only feeling that came was one of freedom, it was simple but big work.  Our children have led us all on a path of healing, and we now in turn are called to heal and love ourselves so fiercely to lead others on a path of peace and freedom, regardless of the political climate.  Facing our shadows, and bringing them to the light, and accepting them is what we are doing, and now the world at large is called to do.  We are called to practice love, freedom and holding space for our fellow human beings.  Much love, and blessings to all during this time of change.


As a side note, during the post election period it is guessed that the energy of the United States Homeopathically is aconite, ignatia, pulsatilla, thuja and berlin wall.  If you use homeopathy at home and any of those resonate with you feel free to intend or dose.



Today was a very energetically tense day so the focus was exclusively on connecting to energies of calm, peace, trust, & truth. The specific messages were around recognizing that we came here to make life better & to keep in touch with the aspect of ourselves that remembers why we are discontent & hurting & to remember that all our desires turn into love & growth. We also took in some energy to enhance & accelerate our development.
This reminds us that even when life is very chaotic & big events are happening, we are all growing together. Our greater purpose is always being fulfilled.
The final message after much energy work was to remember our childhood passions- our original self- & bring it into the world. Because the world needs the individual majesty of every single one of us! In the grand cosmic dance, we are all playing our part.



Today’s session started with self acceptance with Mom and Dad “I am enough” was the affirmation I was guided to use. Focusing on the heart chakra, connecting, knowing we’re connected to all that is and with each other in that space, filling hearts with pure white light.
The Children’s focus was also on the heart chakra. I was guided there to call in emerald, green and pink to balance and empower in a place of pure love.
Their message today was “We are together”
We finished by expanding that heart energy to surround each one filling their aura then called on Arch Angel Michael to surround with a shield of purple energy to protect and seal this place of love and acceptance.


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