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Beth has been treating her ASD son with Homeopathy for over eight years, and the rest of her family as well.  Her son, now 12 years old, also has a history of Lyme Disease and PANDAS which have all been treated successfully with Homeopathy.  She believes in treating the entire family to support healing on all levels, along with the most severely affected member.  Her belief is that we all hold the keys to our own healing and our children’s within ourselves and our own intuition, professionals are to help us to cultivate that aspect of our being.  Beth has had such a profound awakening with homeopathy and working under Dr. Angelica Lemke both as a client, professionally and as a student.  Through this awakening and healing using homeopathy Beth has been lead to practice and learn Intuitive Homeopathy under her Mentor Dr. Lemke.

Beth’s skill is in providing close mentorship and support to other mothers and families on the path of natural healing, since she had already travelled down the path of navigating many biomedical protocols, various dietary interventions and working with a wide variety of health professionals.   She is skilled with using Intuitive Tools such as Muscle Testing, Dowsing, and Intuitive Questioning during case taking, along with automatic writing during the case taking process.  She understands that transitioning to a natural model of healing your family requires education and faith in the ability of natural medicine to heal on a deep and profound level. Beth can provide that support both on an educational level as well as the emotional support that many parents need.

Beth has consulted other families with children on the spectrum formally and informally for the last eight years.   Beth has had good success utilizing applied kinesiology and intuition to test for Homeopathic remedies, Flower Essences, Nutritional Supplements and Food, and is proficient at Muscle Testing to be used at a distance as well.   Beth provides applied kinesiology, intuitive homeopathy as well as traditional Homeopathic Case Taking modalities to help determine  classical homeopathic remedies, isopathic homeopathic remedies, tautopathy, and drainage remedies.  Beth looks forward to treating your children and families towards Balance and Wholeness.

Beth lives in NYC with her family, including husband, and 2 children.    She enjoys participating in community functions that involve family, Soccer for her son and Competitive Dance for her teenage year old daughter.

Beth is a Certified Reiki Level Two Practitioner.

Beth has studied Classical Homeopathy at Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy.

Beth Studies with the Expansion School of Intuitive Homeopathy under Dr. Angelica Lemke.

I am mentored by several expert homeopaths from around the world and still receive mentorship on a daily basis.

Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

My Sons Story

My son was diagnosed with Autism and Mental Retardation at 27 months, we had done some biomedical interventions from that point until we started homeopathy when he was 4.5 years old. We used dietary interventions, chelation, methylation supplementation, and herbal Lyme and Viral Protocols.  His test results during that time showed a multitude of imbalances and infections. He had Lyme, PANDAS, high viral titers, high heavy metals, super high MMR titers, various amino acid deficiencies, yeast, cloistridia, several mineral and vitamin deficiencies, neurotransmitter imbalances, leaky gut (as a baby and toddler up to 15 episodes of diarrhea, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, MTHFR, poor sulphation and mitochondrial dysfunction. He was fairly impaired as a toddler. Through homeopathy we have reversed all of that, he is a happy kid, has friends, no allergies, better motor skills (plays soccer and swims all the time). We started with just classical but had to move into addressing PANDAS fairly quickly, which we did with some classical remedies but none held the way clearing strep on a homeopathic level did using isopathic remedies, since that time we have cleared strep strains (and still need on occaison, we can go months without then it crops up mostly in a physical form), candida, babesia, MMR, Prevnar, lyme from the Peter Chappell remedies and always been on a constitutional, some better than others. The strep for him is congenital as I believe the lyme was, I believe I was in a flare during pregnancy. For the babesia clearing we noticed improvement in motor skills, social skills and gut function. He is currently on a constitutional remedy, some flower essences to clear chakras and meridians, a constitutional flower essence and a constitutional gem essence. He is thriving, and is constantly requesting to have playdates, go out, and experience life to the fullest. Not too different than my daughter was at his age. The detox was sometimes rough, but muscle testing pulls us through! Currently everyone in our house is balanced and requires very little intervention for healing, other than acute issues.

“Love and infinite wisdom are within all of us.”